Electric Fencing/ Razor Wiring

Securing Your Home & Office

The electric fence is part of the first line of protection to your premises. It forms an integral part of the security plan and merits careful analysis and planning to be 100% functional and effective.

Electrified fencing not only acts as a physical and psychological barrier, but also as an early warning alarm system, which is electronically monitored against cutting and shorting of strands in an attempted breaching of the perimeter.


For any electrified security fence to be truly effective, it has to meet the following criteria:

  • It should be an effective physical barrier
    •    It should effectively secure the entire perimeter
    •    It should have the ability to severely shock any intruder
    •    It should give a warning when tampered with
    •    On larger properties it should give an indication of where the penetration took place.

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